The Student Services Department provides support services that ensure a holistic educational experience for all students of the school. This department includes a Guidance/Counseling office, a Learning Support unit and is also responsible for implementing and managing a Pastoral Care system in the school.


– University application advice & assistance

– Internships/Leadership Programme application advice & assistance

– Career Guidance



– Informal counseling of students with academic/social/psychological issues

– Liaising with Teachers/Parents/Clinical Psychologist etc regarding student issues



– Form Periods –All Class Teachers from Form 1-5 will have a weekly period set aside to attend to general class business such as monitoring the use of the Student Planner, preparing for Class Assemblies, Planning Community Service Projects (F1-3 only) and holding Class Meetings to discuss and solve class issues to ensure the general well being of all students.

– Value Education – Students in Forms 1-3 will have a weekly lesson on a variety of personal & social topics (such as peer pressure/coping with stress/ drug awareness/relationships etc.) with the intention of supporting parents in building in each student a system of good values and a principled, ethical worldview.

– ‘Life’ Assemblies – Special assemblies will be organised during the school year for students of the Senior School with the goal of exposing them to current global social / political / economic /cultural affairs and events.

– Community Service – Every class in the Middle School (Forms 1-3) will be involved in planning and implementing a community service project through which they will learn the value of team work and service to those less privileged than themselves.


LEARNING SUPPORT UNIT: (a separate classroom with teaching staff employed for the following purpose)

 – Providing short term remedial lessons to students who do not maintain adequate standards in Language & Math due to English language difficulties or medical or other reasons.

– Providing learning support to students tested &diagnosed as having learning difficulties & requiring an individualised special education plan.

– Organising special provisions (such as extra time, rest breaks etc.) at public examinations for students with clinical diagnoses that make such provisions a requirement.