Goolbai Gunasekera is the Co-founder and Founder Principal of Asian International Schools, Global. Going back to where her fundamentals were laid, she shared that both her parents were educationalists. She shares the nationalities of America and India by being born a loving daughter to an American mother and a North-Indian father. 

Goolbai confesses that she loves being a teacher as well as her career and that it is embodied in her blood, being passed down from her parents. During her childhood, she had the opportunity to be educated in nine different schools in three different countries, which are India, the United States, and Sri Lanka. While most children would complain and fuss, this rapid change and the inter-country education using different methods have not bothered her. In fact, she finds it a blessing and a cause for joy. Not only does she have an Honours degree in History, but she also took piano lessons seriously enough to qualify as a teacher. Now, she says that she just plays it for her own pleasure.

Recounting the early days of AIS, Goolbai mentioned that AIS was the lifelong dream of W. P. Perera, who was a businessman. It was he that originally approached her, and with her initiated the plan in 1989. 

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