A haven for the little ones

By Jennifer Anandanayagam

First impressions do count; whether this phrase is agreed upon or not, no one can argue against the significant role that the primary years of a child plays in the overall picture. The most formative days of any youngster lies directly first in the hands of his/her  parents and then their teachers and then moves on to the others who come in along the way. When such a  responsibility lies secondly on education, shouldn’t one care to give the best and nothing but the best?

When walking into the premises of Asian International School Montessori, at 1089/48, Kumaragewatte Road, Battaramulla, the newly opened institution that is to nurture the lives of many a child, it was hard to miss the spaciousness, green lawns, colourful playground, glistening pool, strong structures and neat surroundings.

Speaking to Goolbai Gunasekara, Principal of Asian International School, light shed on the purpose of such an institution. “This is the perfect upmarket school for this area,” she responded scattering light on the unmistakable fact that although the school is situated in interior surroundings, it has gallant
promises of becoming successful. For those parents who live around the area, this new Montessori is sure to become an asset with the added advantages of easy and short travel. Instead of toiling on the road for a long period of time to take their kids to Montessori in their early stages, which ultimately results in fatigue and frustration for both the kids and their parents, this new avenue promises aspects which are quite the contrary. The school which caters to children from the areas of Kotte, Hokandara, Malabe, Battaramulla and its environs, has a spacious garden accessible to the little ones, “I’m a great believer in outdoor activities for kids,” she smiled. “We have the best equipment we can get and the best teachers too. Some of them have even had exposure from abroad,” she stated. Contrary to usual belief, she feels that it is not hard to get good Montessori teachers these days.

AIS Montessori is an initiative by Chairman, Mr. W.P. Perera, who owns the school and its property. “It was a rather inspired idea to have this school,” commented Mrs. Gunesekera . The Directress of the school is Mrs. Nalangi Perera and Mrs. Devika Dharmaratne is the Head of school. For the moment the age group of children to be admitted within the walls of this  structure, is two to five and a half. This new institution is to follow The Montessori system of Education – Pre-school preparation. The AIS Montessori, is setting the stage to raise, educate and make happy the lives of many  kids.

Pix by Manoj Ratnayake