Aims of the School

Times of the School Day

Uniforms & Dress Code


Links Between the Junior School and Upper School


Subjects offered for London Ordinary Level & Advanced Level


Asian International School (AIS) combines Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School into one harmonious whole. It takes children from the Playgroup age of 2½ and sees them right through their school life until they reach the University Entrance classes. The medium of instruction is entirely in the English Language from Play Group to Advanced Level and the students are prepared, academically, to enter the University of their choice anywhere in the world. All Colleges and Universities abroad recognise the London Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations as a basis for application to the best Institutions of Higher Learning.

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Aims of the School

It is the aim of AIS to provide students with a sound moral basis, a well educated mind with a solid academic foundation and, very importantly, to develop a balanced well rounded person. Academic learning must go hand in hand with character development and to this end we train our pupils at AIS.

Students of today must be able to use all the tools at hand, which enable them to function efficiently in the 21st century. They must keep abreast of modern technology, but we stress the necessity for students to learn to think for themselves and not depend solely on accessed information. While we encourage pupils to be able to use the Internet, the electronic media and other related technological apparatus, we also insist on their developing the Reading Habit. To some extent therefore, AIS attempts to wean its students away from too much TV watching and excessive Computer usage.

Sited as we are in Colombo, a completely Asian city, we emphasize Asian Values while encouraging progress. ‘Modernisation not Westernisation’ is a motto we follow. We believe that Asian students must have strong and deep roots in their own country while seeking the benefits of the advanced and liberal education of the West. In short, AIS wants its students to get the best from Western Academics, Music, Culture and Art. We would like them to copy the habits of punctuality and the sense of civic responsibility so noticeable in the West.

It is the aim of the school to see that good manners are a part of daily life and not just taken out and dusted off in public. Courtesy to teachers, parents and older people thus becomes a habit, which is much appreciated. AIS pupils are noted for their disciplined behaviour everywhere.

Not every child is academically inclined. Therefore AIS tries to encourage and foster various talents which may be turned to excellent advantage by students who go in for non-academic careers. In 2002 Art and Design was introduced as a Ordinary Level subject and this will extend to the Advance Level soon. Music and Dance is taught as part of the curriculum up to Grade 8. Clubs and Societies encourage further specialization. (See under Clubs & Societies)

Sport is given an important place in the School’s curriculum. Eight Sports are identified – namely Cricket, Swimming, Badminton, Tennis, Rowing, Football, Athletics and Basketball.


Times of the School Day


Age group and School hours

Elementary SchoolPlay group2 1/27.30 a.m. – 10.45 a.m.
Nursery3+7.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.
K.G.4+7.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.
Year I5+7.30 a.m. – 11.45 a.m.
Year II6+7.30 a.m. – 12.45 p.m.
Junior SchoolYear III7+7.30 a.m. – 12.45 p.m.
Year IV8+7.30 a.m. – 12.50 p.m.
Year V9+7.30 a.m. – 12.50 p.m.
Year VI10+7.30 a.m. – 12.55 p.m.
Middle SchoolForm I11+7.30 a.m. –  1.00 p.m.
Form II12+7.30 a.m. –  1.00 p.m.
Form III13+7.30 a.m. –  1.00 p.m.
Senior SchoolForm IV14+7.30 a.m. –  1.00 p.m.
Form V15+7.30 a.m. –  1.00 p.m.
Form VI (Lower)16+7.30 a.m. –  1.00 p.m.
Form VI (Upper)17+7.30 a.m. –  1.00 p.m.

Junior, Middle and Upper School  7.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. (On Fridays 12.40 p.m.)


These are available at The Uniform Shop (T.U.S)

The House T-shirts (for Year 2 on wards) are also available at T.U.S.

443 Galle Road, Colombo 3

Hotline: 011 4718888/4878880

Children from Play- Group to Year VI wear the School T-Shirts and Shorts. From Form I to Form VI students wear skirts/trousers and the school shirt. Socks must be white. Shoes may be black or white. Headbands and ribbons must be either black or white.


Dress Code

Students should not wear nail polish or make up to school.

Haircuts for boys should not be ‘Mod’. Boys are not encouraged to go in for extreme styles. Long hair is also not allowed. Shaved heads are taboo.

Boys must be clean-shaven at all times. (The exception is when religious beliefs decree otherwise.)

Girls should keep within the bounds of conservatism. Hair streaking and/or tinting is not allowed.

Uniforms must be at knee length and not above the knee.

Neatness is a must. Personal Hygiene is very important for both boys and girls.

Shoes must be either black or white and must be well polished or cleaned. Socks should be white. No ankle socks are allowed.


Sports at AIS, has always been encouraged. The energy of the students is directed into constructive, character building activities such as swimming, basketball, netball, athletics, cricket and tennis. The children train hard and for long hours and with determination and perseverance they excel at whatever sport they pursue.

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Links Between the Junior School and Upper School

The Asian International School functions as one united body, and the children are housed under one roof. There is no obvious segregation; on the contrary, there seems to be a lot of healthy interaction between the seniors and the juniors, socially and otherwise.

However, for administrative purposes, the school is divided into four sections:


(1)   the Upper School – Form IV to Upper VI (Ages 14 to 18 years)

(2)   the Middle School – Form I to Form III (Ages 11 to 13 years)

(3)   the Junior School – Year II to Year VI (Ages 6 to 10 years)

(4)   the Infant School – Play Group to Year I (Ages 2½ to 5 years)


AIS students are divided into ‘Houses’ from Year III upwards. They participate in various House activities such as Athletics, Badminton, Swimming, General Knowledge, Drama etc. The Juniors report to their respective Senior House Captains and are absorbed into the overall House programmes, including the meetings.

The Senior Prefect body is responsible for all AIS students. Each Prefect is in charge of a particular Junior class and these links have proved to be mutually beneficial. This relationship develops into a special ‘friendship’. The Senior Prefects learn to interact and deal with the younger students, and develop useful counseling skills. The juniors in turn find it easier to discuss certain problems with a fellow student, rather than an adult (i.e. Teacher, Parent, etc.) The Senior Prefects serve as role models to the juniors, as AIS traditions are passed down and instilled in them.

AIS has two Head Students and a Games Captain. These two along with 4 other Senior Prefects form the Student Council.

The Junior Prefect body (Year VI) is also responsible for the well being of the younger students. The Junior Prefects in charge of the Junior School Assemblies have to remind the younger ones to keep their voices low, to walk in a line instead of running, to close doors without banging them, to carry objects carefully, to respect school property, etc.

The Senior School Value Education classes sometimes liaise with the Junior School. This one to one contact, where seniors liaise with the juniors, has mutual benefits. It is called a mentoring system.


There are over 15 societies and clubs in school. Children from Year 2 on wards could join club activities. The English Literary Association, The Science Union, The Commerce Union, The Junior and Senior Choir are a few among others.

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Subjects offered for London Ordinary Level & Advanced Level


The School offers a wide range of subjects and encourages diversity. Thus Science students are advised to take one or two Arts subjects and vice versa. The combinations are as follows, but the alternative subjects offered may vary slightly from year to year.

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